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Software Development for telecommunication institutions

Telecommunication Software Development

The Internet has transformed every aspect of our lives, from how we learn new things to the way we go shopping. Perhaps the most remarkable changes are the ones regarding communication. Reaching a friend on the other side of the world without having to wait months or spending lots of money is now possible just by writing them a text, making a video call, or sending an email in just a matter of seconds.

Everything in this era is quick, and speed is vital when providing a service. Businesses now must adapt to customer habits to improve their experience while granting their consumption. Such is the case of telecommunications companies, where success depends on having adequate infrastructure for fast data transmission.

Telecom is one of the modern-world basic needs, and these types of companies are in charge of making our contemporary lifestyle possible. If you own an enterprise in this sector, you must consider including custom telecom software development to provide leads and clients a better and more engaging experience. This resource is becoming the future of telecom providers.

What is telecommunication software development?

Telecommunication software development creates a program to help you manage electronic data exchange through wireless media such as radio, telephone, smartphones, television, computers, cloud-based interfaces, and more. Because this industry changes just when you thought you knew all about it, owners and employees must adapt to new technologies and the constantly changing environment.

Telecom software development involves many technologies and features such as detailed and precise design architecture, research and development (R&D) divisions, network organizations, and many other functions.

Some challenges entrepreneurs encounter for custom telecommunication software development are:

  • High costs. We know money matters, and telecommunication networks require an extensive, cost-intensive foundation. Nevertheless, consider it an investment, for telecom solutions often become cheaper and profitable in the long run.
  • Weak customer service. Clients should always be a priority because they represent income. There are many telecom software development services to choose from; therefore, competition among telecom companies is fierce. Creating a quality shopping experience by providing leads and users an online personal customer service will make your tel com industry stand out. Plus, customer engagement will increase faster once the system solves their doubts instantly.
  • Unexpected outages. Nothing is predictable, but we can anticipate certain risks. Equipment failure, hacking attacks, network clogging, and other possible complications might happen surprisingly. As a result, it will harm the company’s performance and reliability. It is imperative to choose a strong software developer.
  • Invoice and payment trackers. It is challenging for providers to bill telecom clients if there is no system to track payments, invoices, and other financial documents. It is highly recommendable to include a feature like this among your telecom software solutions to avoid fiscal issues.


These are some features you need to solve to make your telecom business more efficient and reliable. The four points mentioned above are what experts consider primary sections of a successful custom telecom software. Nonetheless, programming is also a victim of fashions. Consequently, there are some modern features you must take into consideration for your virtual telecom platform:

  • 5G network. Its popularity began in 2018 due to its upgraded connectivity and efficiency and a better connection to cloud-based technologies. Telecom businesses are adopting it to improve the Internet of Things (IoT) by enabling users to work faster. 5G networking has created high expectations and has pushed many telecom companies to transition towards it.
  • IoTs. Related to the point above, it refers to the physical devices that connect directly to the Internet. With 5G networking, IoTs will function at high speed and exchange information instantly. 
  • Edge computing. It will provide resources to move the computation away from data centers to the edge of a network. Also, it will make intelligent objects increase their network performance on behalf of the cloud. Moreover, edge computing will speed up the processing of real-time data collection and will send it through different connected devices.


Benefits of our telecommunication software development services

In Multishoring, our priority is to provide telecommunication companies with the engineering structures needed to stimulate their digital transformation, including designing, system management, data storage, and custom software solutions.

Some advantages of hiring Multishoring has to offer your telecom industry are:

  • custom software features adjusted to your telecom business’s requirements,
  • smooth-running software that is easy to use for customers and employees,
  • advanced skills and updated knowledge from our IT specialists,
  • long-term support and partnership,
  • dedicated telecom developers who will have your business needs as a priority, and
  • expertise to guarantee a job that meets your needs.

What do our telecom software solutions include?

We know all the mentioned above may seem overwhelming. Custom telecom software development is not easy because it involves research, designing, analyzing data, technical documentation, debugging, and testing. Do not worry about all these. We are here to help!

Multishoring has worked with small, medium, and large-scale telecom industries. We are committed to making your online telecom management easier. With our help, you will not have to worry about programming, designing, or advertising your website. We will give you regular updates about the public’s perception of your telecom industry and generate different and creative strategies to increase your number of customers.


Some software solutions our services include are:

  • Technology consulting. We offer advice on customizing solutions in your telecommunication industry using the latest safety standards and corporate governance to optimize and develop them. Our offshore IT consultants conduct a thorough analysis of our client’s specific problems, suggest solutions, and then explain how to implement them through your company’s IT team.
  • Custom software development.
  • Application Testing & Software Quality Assurance. Our team, which consists of more than 200 experienced professionals—including test managers, test analysts, automation engineers, and testers- will help your platforms function correctly and avoid unexpected outages. Some of the trials we use with our clients are:
      • Functional testing to check operative software elements.
      • Test automation to prepare the telecom software architecture for the solution, process, and automation procedures by setting up tools and developing algorithms to launch tests and analyze outcomes.
      • Performance testing that analyzes the level of network infrastructure through the database to the end-user interface.
      • Migration testing to validate data, check the platform functionality, and its ability to continue working in a new virtual architecture.
      • Data management test aims to develop strategies for building and running test data used during various testing streams.
      • Security testing evaluates your software’s IT security level and identifies existing losses, vulnerabilities, menaces, or deficiencies.
      • Test environment management to provide the demanded infrastructure while setting up operating systems, databases, applications, and integration.
  • IT Help Desk Outsourcing. If you merge your site to our IT Help Desk Center, we will support your customers with their problems and requests to help them set up, manage and use their IT systems adequately. Outsourcing with us will offer a wide range of contact center services that will provide 24/7 custom solutions and personalized services such as:
      • Service Desk,
      • Technical Management,
      • IT Operations Management, and
      • Application Management.
    • Software Healthcare. We take over technical support, maintenance, and development of your telecommunication software. This solution includes cost-effective and instant software support, maintenance, and development services.
  • Business Software Extensions & Integration. This telecom software solution will enable you to streamline major business processes in your business.
  • Application Reengineering. Because trends, needs, and customers habits come and go, we will be in charge of upgrading your telecom business software architecture and adapting them to modern technologies and programs such as .NET or Java EE. This way, you will not need to pay enormous charges and not spend unnecessary time replacing the entire IT ecosystem. Therefore, you will continue providing services while renovating your software.

Why hire a telecommunication software development company?

Telecom is critical in today’s lifestyle, even in business. With the proper software infrastructure, any company can increase its number of clients and gain a position among the most prestigious enterprises. The ever-changing telecommunications industry is not an exception.

Hiring a telecommunication software development company will help you reach out to engaged consumers and leads more quickly while providing effective network and service. Furthermore, you will receive personalized attention to satisfy your demands. All this without abandoning other business activities! Here are some advantages of software development for any telecom organization:

  • Cost efficiency.
  • Global talent teams.
  • Time-saving and raising productivity.
  • Flexibility.
  • More professional appearance.
  • Efficient communication.
  • Post-implementation support.


Businesses can be like relationships; you need to choose the right partner. With a telecommunication software development company that can provide you the tools to improve your telecom industry, such as Multishoring, you will be unstoppable.

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