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Mendix App Development

At Multishoring we do Mendix development. If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry! We’ll fill you in on what it is and why it’s so crucial to your company. Let us answer any questions or concerns about how we can help you with your project. You might be looking for a company to do Mendix services for you- if so, we’re the ones for the job! Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit your business and provide value to our team members working with you.


What is Mendix?

Mendix is a platform for building bots and intelligent agents that can quickly deploy on any organization’s infrastructure.

Mendix is a project management platform that fully integrates with any document or app for task managers, deadlines, and appointments.

Individuals, as well as teams, can use MIDPS to schedule meetings on its scheduling calendar. It also has features such as goal setting where users can set their objectives, which change over time based on how they’re performing at work right now – one might want more experience working abroad while another wants better relationships amongst colleagues so both would start seeing success when aiming high rather than settling just below par no matter what level we attain!

Mendix is a platform that allows for rapid mobile application development. It can be used to create native applications or hybrid web-based ones; it even lets you build your blockchain from scratch!

Mendix is a platform for business model innovation and digital transformation. With Mendix, you can create mobile and web apps without writing code so that you can build applications quickly and efficiently to meet your needs as they change or expand.


Why Do You Need Mendix Development?

There are many reasons why businesses use the Mendix Platform:

  • Accessibility/ Scalability – Companies who need an easy way to improve their internal processes will enjoy how rapid development with this tool is since there isn’t any coding required; furthermore, it’s scalable, which means that once developed, no further work would be needed to add more users making it highly accessible.
  • User Experience (UX) – The UX on these apps is usually very smooth and reliable, thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality of Mendix.
  • User Interaction – No coding is required, which means that you’ll be able to create user interactions on your app using simple point & click options; this makes it easy for both developers and non-developers alike.


How Can Mendix Help Your Business?

Mendix can help organizations plan their future business processes before they even start building apps with them; furthermore, these tools are scalable, so once created, they will only need minor modifications, if any at all, rather than requiring extensive work done to accommodate new users or changes in the process. This also helps minimize errors since there isn’t time wasted reworking already existing code due to some slight changes or updates.


What is Mendix Content Management?

Mendix content management allows you to manage efficiently, update and publish data-driven apps without writing any code; connect your backend systems like databases with the Mendix app’s front end to get up and running quickly while also maintaining a smooth user experience on both mobile & web platforms. This dramatically increases productivity for developers and non-developers since it makes updating information quick & easy rather than requiring extensive knowledge of coding languages.

Why Hire Mendix Developers? We are fantastic in Mendix! Our company provides quality service that would allow us to create applications using the Mendix platform, which can help make your business more efficient by streamlining processes involved in the way you do business. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in their field. It can help create a better user experience for your customers while also providing them with superior accessibility to allow users to access information wherever they are! We’re ready when you are; contact us today.


Benefits of hiring our Mendix developers?

Hiring our Mendix developers could be the perfect choice for you if: 

You want to create a scalable data platform with unmatched performance and scalability, or -you need custom development to meet your business goals. We offer all these benefits at low prices! Let us help turn that vision into reality by providing superior accessibility information through innovative tools such as search blending capabilities so customers can find exactly what they’re looking for faster than ever before, even when it comes down to deep linking from one page within an application instance across multiple domains (or apps).

Our developers are the perfect choice for you if: 

You want to create a scalable data platform with unmatched performance and scalability; or -you need custom development to meet your business goals. We offer all of these benefits at Mendix’s low prices!

  • We are fantastic in Mendix!
  • Our team of professionals has extensive experience.
  • Create a better user experience for your customers.
  • Provide superior accessibility to information.

We’re ready when you are; contact us today!


What does our Mendix consulting include?

Our Mendix consulting includes: – Mendix project planning and design. Our team provides development plans tailored to your company’s business requirements; we can manage the entire process of creating an application for you, whether it involves complex integrations or not. 

Requirements analysis (both functional & technical). We will analyze what kind of data is required to implement the processes that need reinventing; this also helps us determine precisely what backend systems will be necessary, so there aren’t any unnecessary costs involved with building something that isn’t necessary.

Rapid prototyping. During feasibility testing, our developers create quick proofs-of-concept (POC) using mockups by designers on paper before transferring them to a prototype, ensuring that all stakeholders agree on what the concept is before moving forward – this prevents any confusion down the road and provides complete transparency & agreement.

Requirements gathering for Front End development (UI/UX). We will determine exactly what needs to be done to create an excellent user experience; we’ll talk with your business analysts and users so they can give us their insight into how they view things. 

This helps us understand which features are needed & what screens should be designed accordingly.

Rapid Application Development (RAD). Following designs created by designers, our developers work quickly and efficiently using only those tools necessary at each development phase to ensure there isn’t wasted time or money spent creating something unnecessary.

Best practices from the beginning. We use modern coding standards to create reusable front-end code that can be easily maintained and expanded upon in the future, so you don’t need to worry about ever having a messy or unmanageable codebase again!

Testing & QA throughout the development process. From unit testing, integration testing, system testing & user acceptance testing (UAT), we’ll make sure your application is top-notch before passing it on for final approval by stakeholders at each phase of development – this means fewer bugs down the road when launching new features which save both time and money! Our developers will work closely with your team members at all times during these processes as well, so they’re always aware of our progress towards completion without needing constant supervision.

Product documentation. We create concise and clear documentation that’s easy to understand, so there isn’t any confusion at a later date when someone else needs to step in & take over maintenance of the project; we’ll also train your team members on how everything is done so they can handle it themselves if needed! This saves you money in training costs as well, especially when compared with other companies who don’t offer this service at all – meaning more wasted time & resources down the road if something has to be redone or fixed again by them!

Team collaboration using Scrum/Agile methodology. Our developers work closely together via our task board which keeps everyone up-to-date regarding what stage things are currently at without needing constant supervision from management.


Why choose our Mendix developers?

– Clean & reusable front end code

– Consistent communication

– Transparency throughout the entire process

– Timely delivery of your project without sacrificing quality!


  • Is Mendix owned by Siemens?

Yes! Siemens is the parent company of Mendix. The two companies work together to create innovative, cutting-edge cloud applications for enterprise customers worldwide.


  • Is Mendix code?

Mendix is a low-code platform that makes app development easy and fast; there’s no need for developers to write code by hand, which speeds up the process.


  • Does Mendix use Microsoft technology?

Mendix uses JavaScript as its primary programming language with some additional pieces of tech such as Bootstrap, HTML & CSS – it has no connection to Microsoft.


  • What is the Mendix app built on? Is it custom-made, or does it use an off-the-shelf solution?

Mendix apps are unique in that they’re built from scratch just for you at no extra cost! We don’t reuse any code found elsewhere; our developers work closely with your team members.


  • Is Mendix an IDE?

No, Mendix is a low-code platform that makes app development easy and fast; there’s no need for developers to write code by hand, which speeds up the process.