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IT Support of small systems

Having several small IT systems that do not qualify for a large IT support contract because of their size can be a real nagging pain in the neck – but we can take care of them for you!

Virtually every company – depending on its size – has a few to several small IT systems that do not have a signed SLA as they are too small to qualify for a separate IT support contract. In general, technical support for this type of systems is provided by a single employee from the IT department. It takes up about a quarter of that employee’s working time. The problem arises when this person is heavily loaded with other responsibilities and has no time to deal with such small, relatively low-priority IT systems which, however, must be maintained. And what if this person quit his/her job and left your company with all the knowledge about these not really critical, but still important small IT systems?

The solution is offered by It can be provided – depending on the type of systems that are to be covered by technical support – in two ways:

1) You need IT support for systems that require no special knowledge, but their names, the use of technology, as well as how and where to log in to them in the event of failure or need for modifications

  • In this case you buy a minimum number of working hours per month, to be determined based on your previous experience with the technical care of these IT systems. We take action within a few hours of the moment when you let us know about a system failure or a need to modify it. If the volume of work in a given month exceeds the purchased working time, you pay only for the additional time.

2) You need IT support for systems that require some knowledge and constant low profile maintenance

  • In this case you also buy a defined and guaranteed number of working hours. This allows us to maintain constant knowledge of the supported IT systems and to perform the regular maintenance work to prevent any potential problems. However, if something unexpected happens anyway, or you need some modification in the system, then you have IT staff on hand that will perform the task. And you pay additionally just for this extra work on solving the problem or introducing the necessary changes.

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