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Google BigQuery and other Google BI solutions

Google BigQuery and other Google BI (Business Intelligence) technologies – MySQL-based Google Cloud SQL service and Google Analytics – are great and cost-effective tools to create sophisticated big data solutions. can provide you with seamless integration to any of those Google BI solutions, depending on your needs.

Google BigQuery is the most recent Google’s BI tool. It is part of the Google Cloud Platform, combining a NoSQL-style data store with “SQL-like” querying capabilities. The service is geared to interactive analysis of very large datasets. BigQuery is not a database as opposed to Google’s another BI cloud-hosted solution, MySQL-based Google Cloud SQL service. Where Cloud SQL offers full-SQL syntax and table management tools, BigQuery does not support table indexes, updates, deletes, or other SQL data-management features.

The primary use of Google BigQuery is the analysis of Google advertising data that already resides in Google’s cloud. However, you can also upload your own data to BigQuery and create any big data solutions, such as retail marketing spend optimization and customer churn forecasting. In turn, MySQL-based Google Cloud SQL service can be used in any BI solutions that require a SQL database. Finally, Google Analytics is a tool that can be used as a basis of a BI solution for advanced web data analysis. nearshore Google BI consultants can help you implement any of Google big data solutions into your project. Starting from analysis of your requirements, by adjusting Google BI tool to your needs, to the testing and maintenance of the application. We have done dozens of similar projects and would like to take advantage of this experience working for you.