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Custom Software Development

Do you need a custom software development team?
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to design and implement a state-of-the-art custom application.
It will handle all your business' unique requirements.

You are requested by your business to design and implement custom software to handle your business's unique requirements. The problem is that your IT team is not big and/or experienced enough to deliver such a project within a deadline. Don’t worry! We can help by not only giving you a professional custom software development team but also making sure that your software will be delivered predictably, using best practices, on time, and meeting all your business’ expectations.

Why Custom Software Development with Multishoring?

  • We are one of the largest and most experienced IT outsourcing companies in Poland

  • High-quality IT services thanks to well-defined processes

  • Software development based on Agile and DevOps principles

  • Easy and flexible access to over 3,000 developers in one of the best countries to outsource from (Poland)

  • 500 experienced consultants and senior developers located across the whole U.S.A. and other major Western countries

Poland is No. 1 IT Nearshoring Destination In EMEA When Comparing With Multiple Criteria

  • No. 15 in Tholonos' 2020 Global Innovation Index

  • No. 3 in HackerRank's list of countries with the best developers

  • No. 13 in Europe with English proficiency, according to EPI (high above average)

  • Lower costs, e.g. an annual salary of Java Developer is €21,406, according to PayScale

  • Membership in the European Union and NATO

  • It is close and well-connected to Western European countries

Custom Software Development Process

Our Custom Software Development Best Practices

Multishoring’s custom software development team collaborates with various partners to provide a unique and competitive solution that fits the demands of our clients. We cover the following priority lines:

Hire the Best Custom Software Development Company in Poland

Hire us and count on a professional custom software development team that will predictably deliver you custom software based on best practices, on time, and meeting all your business expectations. You don’t need to look any longer. We have years of experience, thousands of developers, and mature processes. We are also based in one of the best countries to outsource from. Ask us for a proposal.


How long does it take to build custom software?

Bespoke software development aims to determine what the finished product will accomplish and how it will utilize it. However, in our experience, custom software projects generally take 4 to 9 months to complete from start to finish, including testing and delivery. Contact us to obtain a project timeframe estimation addressing your specific needs.Go to FAQ Contents

How much does it cost to build custom software?

The software development cost typically costs between $40,000 and $50,000. However, various factors contribute to the price of customized business software development. Contact Multishoring, one of the best custom software development companies in the market, to obtain a free quotation.Go to FAQ Contents

What are the phases of the custom software development process?

There are five main stages in the custom software development process, including:

  1. Research: Analyze the information.
  2. Scoping Meeting: Shape the idea you have.
  3. Establishing the project: To profitable your business.
  4. Project kickoff: Final stage
  5. Project development: we carry it based on Agile and DevOps principles.
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