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B2B Integration

Business-to-business (B2B) integration services

  • Auras

Auras is a B2B service that combines different designs and best practices to assist businesses in solving complex integration problems. AURAS comes with pre-built integration procedures, an API, exception handling, audits, and an operational dashboard that cuts time-to-market in half.


  • Cloud Integration

Cloud integration  allows businesses to sail through their data integration journeys without stumbling blocks. Cloud integration services and solutions link your systems and applications for smooth data exchange and improved connection in changing corporate settings.


  • Hybrid Integration

Hybrid integration provide a highly responsive hybrid IT infrastructure with seamless connectivity to support your company’s digital transformation path. For better process efficiency and system compatibility, we guarantee that your old systems interoperate with contemporary applications. 


  • MDM

Master the art of data management with a single data management center; B2B Services can help you simplify your business and customer data. To enhance internal efficiency and the customer experience, you may model, match, synchronize, cleanse, and enrich your data points across various systems and apps. Master Data Management Services & Solutions (MDM) makes it simple to handle vast amounts of data while maintaining consistency and accuracy.


  • API Management

API management enables business agility at scale by managing the whole API lifetime to provide the quickest and safest route to digital transformation. To rapidly develop new APIs, we use a centralized API platform for creating, publishing, and maintaining APIs. API Management and Integration Services offer you the power of flexibility, scalability, and reusability by allowing you to install APIs at any time utilizing code-free development tools.


  • Data Integration

For the contemporary business, next-generation data integration solutions. Handle a wide range of data sources, including applications, systems, databases, data warehouses, digital data, and even offline data. Avoid data silos and guarantee that the correct information is accessible to the appropriate user. Data Integration Services & Solutions enable you to get the most out of your data, resulting in improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


B2B integration services are a solution for almost all businesses.

B2B Integration Solutions


B2B integration platforms is the solution for your business to automate business processes. If you already have one, consider upgrading it to EDI B2B integration!


Take advantage of technology by making it work for you! B2B integration solutions can help you in many ways, ranging from massive file transfers to managing your supply chain.

EDI Integration 

B2B Integration has been around for a long time, but with today’s technological advances, we can refine it even more! We can reinvent the B2B ecosystem to uncover hidden possibilities, optimize partnership results, and improve your capacity to connect business operations with new and current B2B Trading Partners. By synchronizing and automating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes, we offer you complete control over the electronic data that travels from one system to another. The highest communication protocols, such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and HL7, are used in our EDI/ B2B Integration Services.

If you want to modernize your EDI integration, we’re your best choice.


What benefits can I obtain if I opt to modernize my EDI Integration?


  • Minimize reworking orders and improve cash flow, improve the quality of inter-company communication that impacts the mobility of business-critical documents.
  • Create B2B EDI integration workflows for tasks like setting up and configuring trade partner profiles, as well as approving business operations.
  • Assign effective communication protocols, data formats, data transmission choices, and security settings to automate compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Enhance partners’ self-service capabilities so that users can monitor, verify, and control the flow of data in the ecosystem.
  • Integrate your apps, systems, data and more to assist your company get closer to complete digital transformation.


Benefits of B2B Integration 

B2B Integration has many benefits, such as:

  • Cost savings on both sides of the border

With a unified technological platform, you can eliminate the expense of managing consumers, distributors, manufacturers, supply chain, and other partners via human interactions.


  • Scalability and operational agility

With standard administrative interfaces and infrastructure, you may connect any number of systems and applications and proactively address operational problems.


  • Cleaner and more intelligent data

Validate data fields in real-time against your business standards to guarantee that the information sent over the network is always correct and accessible.


  • More efficient trading-partner onboarding

For having  closer trading partner relationships, automate trading partner onboarding procedures with strict role-based authentication standards to expand your trade partner network.

Increase the number of trade partners and their trustworthiness.


  • Communication cost and complexity

Regardless of the type or number of B2B transactions, you’ll have accurate and timely information transmission across partner systems. Consolidate communication gateways and get real-time visibility and control.


  • Trading partnerships that are poorly handled or have become stale

Improve how you interact with trade partners and cooperate with them so that your relationships are as lucrative and long-lasting as possible. Use easy-to-navigate online interfaces to bring your collaboration up to speed with the contemporary economy.


  • Disparate access to business information

Have a consolidated view of all your B2B operations as well as actionable information to help you conduct business more innovatively, faster, and better. Accelerate your order-to-delivery cycle times by being more attentive to your partners’ requirements.



  • What is B2B integration?

The automation of business systems and communication between two or more companies.


  • Why is B2B integration important?

Because by automating essential business processes, businesses can operate and trade more efficiently with their customers, supply chain, and business partners.