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AIX services

Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) is a UNIX-based multitasking non-free operating system first released in February 1986 by the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). In the beginning, it included a journaling file system. Then, IBM has constantly improved the software with processors, disk and network virtualizations, hardware resource allocations, and mainframe designs. 

Companies that depend on high performance—financial institutions, insurance companies, computer software developers, governments, banks, economic enterprises, and healthcare services—choose AIX because it offers one of the most solid and reliable virtual infrastructures. AIX allows consumers to intensify their data security through system hardening, permissions, multiple identity authentication methods, and other innovative guarding measures.

What is AIX?

AIX is an open standards-based program that provides secure and solid infrastructure solutions for enterprises. AIX’s main feature is its custom security platform.

Successful enterprises use AIX for their servers because it provides robust security options, such as the Kerberos V5 network and reliable tunnel authentication. Also, it allows the company system administrator to distribute the memory, CPU, and disk accesses between different managers. AIX system supports IBM’s 64-bit processor and is compatible with 32-bit applications. Plus, it runs most Linux apps and has full support for the latest Java updates.

AIX is not like any “commercial” consumer operating system, and on the contrary, it is suitable for servers working for large businesses where IT experts are part of their teams. To summarize, AIX is the basis for many business applications and database settings.

Benefits of our AIX programming services

AIX programming may seem complex so far. However, it provides businesses servers advantages that guarantee a high-quality service and grant your business the same professional status as the big-sized competition.

Some of the benefits AIX services provide are:

  • high availability, security, performance, and scale,
  • support for the most developed NVMe storage offerings,
  • better cloud automation with Ansible software,
  • Artificial Intelligence capabilities for AIX workloads,
  • enabling SSDs as a single cache to quicken execution for many assignments,
  • cloud deployments aid for AIX in private or public clouds,
  • virtualized infrastructure, and an administrative interface.

What do our AIX solutions include?

Nothing is predictable. We know that nothing is perfect, and problems can emerge when we expect them less. However, we develop effective AIX solutions to avoid as many inconveniences as possible. Moreover, they will provide a better service and will aid your team in adapting it to your company’s necessities.

Our AIX software solutions include the following benefits:

  • Live update.

Our AIX consists of the Live Kernel Update, which allows general application and any interim fix without a needed reboot.

  • Open Source.

AIX toolbox includes various functions that are the basis of the development context of choice for many Linux application developers. Also, it will help your IT team simplify systems installation and management while maintaining essential packages updated.

  • Safe infrastructure.

Our AIX solutions include security enhancements such as new malware intrusion detection, alerting capabilities, integration with the IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager, reports supporting security audits, and PowerSC Multi-Factor Authentication (PowerSC MFA).

  • Hybrid Cloud Integration.

With this feature, importing and exporting AIX VMs between clouds, and new Software Defined Infrastructure, will be more accessible. Plus, it allows to spin up SAN-less clouds for DevOps environments.

Why choose our AIX services? 

As technology develops, it becomes more complex to understand and manage. We will help you understand it efficiently and customize our AIX services to fit and satisfy all your business needs.

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We have helped many small, medium, and big enterprises with their AIX software development. Our clients are satisfied with the high-quality work we provide them, and they are ready to share their experiences with you!


  • Is AIX a mainframe?

No. AIX is a proprietary UNIX variant of IBM. Therefore, it is an operative system, a set of programs a computer system has that manages hardware resources while providing services to software application programs.

  • Are AIX and Linux the same?

On the one hand, Linux is a group of open-source Unix-like operating systems, and its distributions include cloud computing, embedded systems, mobile devices, computers, laptops, servers, and supercomputers. On the other hand, AIX is a series of proprietary operating systems provided by IBM, and its target system types are Server, NAS, and workstation. 

While AIX is suitable for administrators, Linux is the program made for and by hackers.

  • What is AIX based on?

AIX basis is the UNIX System. It is one of the four commercial OSs with The Open Group’s UNIX 03 standard certified versions.