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About us

Who we are

Multishoring is Poland’s nearshore IT provider, focused on customer value enhancement. We can help you to make your business more cost-efficient and agile affording you easy and flexible access to a highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce, listening and willing to adapt to your needs.

We give you access to over 3,000 developers with more than 6,500 completed projects for clients from around the world, including global corporations, small and medium enterprises, and public administration and science institutions. We conduct our business guided, most of all, by the following values: continuous improvement of quality standards, mutually rewarding relationships, business ethics, and sustainability.

Our offer is based on 3 pillars

Software development

We provide services throughout the entire software development lifecycle, including custom software development, testing, and implementation services.

IT infrastructure

A comprehensive range of hardware, software, and organizational solutions constituting the basis for the implementation and operation of advanced IT systems supporting company management. It consists of servers, computers, computing power, licenses, administrative services, and technical support.


We provide technical and business support for innovative IT projects and active involvement in their development, including an acceleration program for innovation, support in developing our customers’ innovative technological projects, support in the commercialization of startups, and assistance in raising funds.

We act in an agile manner, offering ongoing support (24/7/365) and responding dynamically to any challenges our customers might encounter and new business needs.